Friday, April 21, 2017

Painters needed at our congregation in Wake Forest

Friends and Mentors from CUCC and the Triangle,

Things are moving right along in Wake Forest.   We had a very nice crowd of about 18 for our sunrise service on Easter!  Our new website is under construction and our old one remains up for now as well.

We continue to meet inside the co-op work space called Hatch but the first week of May our lease begins on a bigger space with a lovely large yard and gazebo!

room with walls in boldly colored stripes and tables stacked against the walls
Prism's new space - awaiting your painting skills
In fact, if any of you would like to come down and see the space and lend a hand, we would love it.

Please see  the very tentative work schedule in the forwarded email below.

Regardless, I want to keep you posted and let you know that we greatly appreciate all of your prayers!

Peace and love,

SUPPLIES NEEDED by May 1:  We need primer, brushes, rollers, towels, buckets, cleaning supplies, broom, paper towels, putty, scrapers. Contact Joy if you are willing to let Prism borrow these items. 919-605-4336

Tuesday, May 2,  5pm- I will open up the space and begin assessing and cleaning walls and scraping.

Wednesday, May 3- I may open it at noon for priming but definitely will open it at 5pm- text me if you have time Wed. after "noon".

Thursday, May 4, 5pm until..... Paint party!  This will be first coat of paint

Friday, May 5th-, 5pm until......Paint party! Coat two if needed.

Saturday, May 6, 10am until.... Carpet tear out and put down.   This will be an all day event.

Sunday, May 7- Meet outside for worship in the yard. Please Bring a bag chair or two or a blanket.

After worship we may move furniture into the building or we may take a break and wait until midweek to do this.

At that time, people who can do repairs to furniture may want to volunteer to meet up beginning the week of May 8th and work on some pews etc.  The furniture is fine as is with some cleaning up and some stability reinforcement and one or two upholstery repairs.