Sunday, May 14, 2017

Interested in action on global warming, affordable housing, or criminal justice reform?

Adrienne Little is our social justice ministry's representative to Congregations for Social Justice.  She sends these opportunities for your consideration.

CSJ Housing Team Update and Invitation

The CSJ Housing Team is beginning the process of adding sub-committees in an effort to host a fall or winter meeting between city counselors, county commissioners, the for-profit development community and experts from Asheville who recently started using city resources (not federal dollars) to fund affordable housing. The purpose of the meeting is to help the city and county find ways to build additional affordable housing.  All members of the larger CSJ community and any concerned church members can join the sub-committees to help the project be successful. The sub-committee sign up sheet is attached to this message. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Joe Rappl at or (919) 567-2467.
Peace, Joe Rappl
CSJ Housing Team report

Update from CSJ Criminal Justice Task Group from John Shuford
I just received the status report on criminal justice bills in the legislature.
CSJ Criminal Justice Task Group report  on NC legislation
CSJ Criminal Justice Committee April minutes