Monday, May 8, 2017

Grants Available

Adrienne Little represents our social justice ministry at Congregations for Social Justice.  She shares these opportunities.

Grants Available:

Lumina Foundation Workforce Education Grant

Lumina Foundation believes that education provides the basis for individual opportunity, economic vitality and social stability. With its partners, Lumina strives to meet workforce demands and close gaps in attainment for groups not historically well-served by higher education.

Maximize Carolina Grant
North Carolina businesses have a new solution to applicant pipeline challenges.

Maximize Carolina Sector grants help finance collaborative projects to address skills gaps in robust and emerging industry sectors, including information technology, energy, advanced manufacturing, environmental sustainability, aerospace, defense, analytics, industrial maintenance, healthcare, and hospitality/tourism.

These grants can be used to address challenges such as applicants lacking specific skills, lack of sector brand awareness, work-based learning opportunities for workers or students, and various other applicant pipeline challenges.

The Baby Boomers Guide to Funding a Non-profit Organization
Do you need funds to start a non-profit or would you like to win more grants to fund your existing non-profit? Here is how to do just that.

Federal Grants

NCWorks Youth Apprenticeship 
Students looking for an alternative to a four-year college degree should consider apprenticeship training. As opposed to spending significant financial resources preparing for a career, students in an apprenticeship program are paid a progressively increasing wage as they learn the occupation.

Grants to Fund After-school Programs

At-risk Youth  Master Trainer Certification ONLINE Retreat