Friday, May 26, 2017

Laughing during Council

At our May meeting we laughed.

Council continues to be a place where your leaders gather to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on events and projects, and share the stuck places.  We discuss CUCC's big picture - this month jumping off from an article on thick organizations and reflecting on readings from The Gospel of Thomas that remind us of the immediacy of God in our lives.

What's new?
Read about Betty Anne's work
at Loaves and Fishes
when she retired... the first time!

  • All of our ministries and task forces are being asked to take turns getting to know newcomers at the every-other-month Newcomers' Coffees.  If you would like to attend a coffee representing your group, let your chair know.  
  • You'll more frequently find information about upcoming events at fellowship as our ministries host fellowship occasionally.  But don't worry - fellowship time will still be unstructured with lots of time to chat with new people and catch up with friends.  If you have an idea for an event your group sponsors that would be great to advertise during fellowship, let your chair know.
  • You will have an opportunity to take action as a congregation at our June 11, noon, congregational meeting.  There are things to read before you come.  Agenda and documents   If you have an item for the agenda, contact me now.  Anyone may attend a congregational meeting; members vote.  Child care will be provided.
  • We are pleased to welcome Betty Anne Ford as the third member of the Personnel Committee.  She joins Geri Bowen (chair) and Frank Gailor in assisting Jenny in making CUCC's transition to a head-of-staff model.
  • A small, short-term task force will work this summer and fall to bring our constitution and by-laws into harmony with one another and current practice.  Not much needs to be changed, but we do have some internal inconsistencies which make for confusion.  If you would be willing to work on harmonizing these documents, contact me.
  • Money in is keeping pace with money out.  Don't forget to keep your pledge current during your summer travels.
  • Moderator-elect Grady McCallie brought snacks!  Laughter is well fueled by grapes and cookies.  (Might you serve as chair of your ministry next year so you can benefit from Grady's leadership?)
Laughter - a gift from Spirit.

- submitted with appreciation for the amazing people who lead CUCC
Jane EG Smith, Moderator