Friday, May 26, 2017

News from the Library

From time to time we will be reviewing  new and exciting books which we will acquire for the library.  The following book is of special interest because of the inclusion of Community United Church and Rev. Collins Kilburn.

During the tumultuous 60’s civil rights struggle a number of theological students were involved in interracial work across the south.  One such location was with our own, the United Church of Raleigh, under the pastorate of the Rev. Collins Kilburn.  This fascinating account speaks of our church’s reputation as a “radical institution” and chronicles much of that history. 

The book by David Cline is entitled, From Reconciliation to Revelation: the Student Interracial Ministry, Liberal Christianity and the Civil Rights Movement.  Also mentioned is the participation of CUCC member, Mac Hulslander, and his work with the Delta Ministry in Mississippi.

- From the Library Staff