Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Child care available, reports to read for Congregational Meeting - Sunday, June 11

cartoon of a variety of animals in a meeting above the words Congregational Meeting
CUCC will hold its "second"* congregational meeting of 2017 on June 11, noon, after worship.  Anyone is welcome to attend; CUCC members vote.  Child care for children up to 10 years of age will be provided.

There are items to read before you come to the meeting (see links below).  Some relate to a vote while others are reports on which you might have questions.  We will NOT have copies present for everyone, so bring your own.

If you have an item for the agenda, please contact Jane Smith now.

Agenda for June 11 Congregational Meeting
Call the meeting to order
Opening prayer
Appoint parliamentarian and version of Robert’s Rules of Order
Clerk’s report on Resident Active Members
Establish a quorum
Approval of January 29 Congregational Meeting Minutes

Old business
Questions on reports on actions requested by the congregation
  • Personnel salary package Report
  • Midyear update on suggestions from the congregation emerging from the intentional interim process Report

New business
Retirement congratulations card for Rev. Jill and Rev. Rick Edens

Election of and instructions for CUCC’s delegate to the Southern Conference UCC Annual Gathering

Upcoming summer events

Other business as requested

Next Congregational Meeting:  Nov. 12, 2017, noon

Closing prayer

*Our by-laws (Article VI. Section 3) state: Second Annual Congregational Meeting: This meeting shall be held in the Spring each year. The date and time shall be set by the Church Council and announced at least two weeks in advance. Any business consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws may be transacted at this meeting.