Monday, May 1, 2017

Would you like to receive invitations to CUCC events via Facebook?

The Facebook Event
for the May 6 Summer*Daze
Not everyone uses Facebook, but for those who do, you might like to receive occasional invitations to church-wide CUCC events via Facebook.  Recent examples include the auction, the Church-Wide Outdoor Event, and Summer*Daze.

Here's how to be included in Facebook Event invitations.
"Friend" me (Jane Smith) or, if your name is easier to find than mine, ask me to "friend" you and tell me your Facebook name.  For some reason I don't understand, I can only invite people who are my personal "friends" to the Facebook events I create for CUCC.

When I create a CUCC Facebook Event, I will send you an invitation via Facebook.  You'll be able to see event information and RSVP, too.  You can see others who RSVPed via Facebook to arrange carpools or to find out if their children will be attending.  (I remember that children are more enthusiastic about coming if they know their friends will be there.)

Two places on the website
to see the CUCC calendar.
If you click on the event,
you find links to more information.
Use this link to find past editions
of the CUCC emailed newsletter.
For those of you who are not Facebook users, don't worry - the same information is also available on CUCC's calendar on our website AND in the emailed newsletter.

The Facebook Events are simply a convenience for those who are frequent Facebook users.  Another way to extend God's extravagant welcome!