Friday, June 30, 2017

Dear Friends,

Eighteen of us, thirteen youth and four chaperones, are preparing to leave for BYC (Youth Camp) on Sunday, July 2: Cooper Atkinson, Mason Atkinson, Aubrey Shannon Barrick, Alex Bowen, Zenna Bryan, Rebekah Fairbrother, Sophie Flynn, Tsegawit Gebremedhin, Julia Langenderfer, Ella Powell, John Robertson, Marybeth Worley, Terry Worley, Olivia Worters, Bill Bryan, Paul Kiel, Annaka Sikkink, and Śānti Matthews.

BYC is a church camp in Laurel Springs, North Carolina, that is organized and supported by eleven churches (eight Alliance of Baptist Churches and three UCC Churches) who covenant together to provide a safe, nurturing, fun and creative space for youth to learn more about God, themselves, and community. Youth get to spend the week with roughly 100 other youth from like-minded churches all over the country. This will be the 8th year that CUCC has participated. We can't say enough good things about both the deeply profound spiritual opportunities, the community building, and the sheer fun that this camp offers.

We are also aware of how much we need and cherish your prayers, your thoughts, your support, and your care. It’s my hope that CUCC will pray for us in worship, and throughout the week of July 2, as we leave for camp and as we spend time learning and growing and understanding each other, and God more deeply and truly. We will study Sabbath this summer, and we will work to understand and honor Sabbath time, and accept grace filled possibilities for rest and renewal.

We look forward to telling you all about our transformative experiences and adventures when we return. Peace, Śānti