Friday, June 2, 2017

From the Pastor

 When We Breathe Together
Painting by Adrian VanBreda
A Blessing for Pentecost Day

This is the blessing we cannot
Speak by ourselves.
This is the blessing we cannot
Summon by our own devices,
cannot shape to our purpose,
cannot bend to our will.
This is the blessing that comes
when we leave behind our
Aloneness, when we gather
together, when we turn
toward one another.
This is the blessing that blazes among us when we speak
the words strange to our ears,
when we finally listen
into the chaos;             
when we breathe together
at last.   ~Jan Richardson

      So often in the church we are busy planning our tomorrows, or worrying about our yesterdays. The true message of salvation for the church universal is found in the mystery of Pentecost. Neither are we to strive for what will ultimately only serve our own needs nor to burden ourselves with the fury of judgement’s eye, but to learn to be amazed by that which our own hands, hearts and minds are unable to create alone. To stand in awe, to revel in the beauty and power of divine LOVE is to set one’s self free to the possibility of participating in the ongoing, transforming work of co-creating; loving into fullness that which was dreamed out of wholeness in the secret place—before time, as we know it, began.
May the Spirit continue to lead the way, 
~Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas