Friday, June 30, 2017

Sunday School News!

Our garden is growing! After a seed failure early in the spring, our garden is up and coming! We have tomatoes, peppers, squash and eggplant this year. Many thanks to Mr. Bill (Lamb) who continues to donate to PLANT A ROW from his garden and to Carol Clark who donated and planted more eggplant and pepper plants in the garden.
The new soaker hose is missing from our garden. If you happened to borrow it please return it by placing it back in the garden as it was. Thank you.
It is easy for you to donate to PLANT A ROW. Just take your veggies to the check out counter at Logan’s Garden Shop, 707 Semart Dr., Raleigh, and tell them the donation is from CUCC. You will receive a receipt which you can drop by the Sunday School room and we will add your donation to our tally. All donations are appreciated.
I look forward to seeing the children whenever they are here this summer. Safe travels everyone!
Anne Bailey