Monday, August 7, 2017

Got an "a-thon," a concert, or a collection to tell us about?

Now there is a place to post your invitation to all of us to support you in what you do outside of CUCC!  Look for the bulletin board next to the nursery labeled "You extend CUCC's work into the world."  A handwritten sign works just fine.

bulleting board with signs and plastic bags attached
Your message goes here
Selling Girl Scout cookies?
Running in a race to support a cause dear to your heart?
Collecting eyeglasses for a charity?
Performing in a play or concert or championship game?
Testifying at a public hearing and need some friends in the audience?
Co-hosting a support group?

One request:  Put your name on whatever you post.    

Ongoing requests will rotate so there is room for everyone.
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You are using your talents to shine God's love in the world.  Thank you!

PS  You can also post directly on CUCC's Facebook page.