Monday, August 7, 2017

Pray for Council - August 19

CUCC's Council will be on retreat Saturday, August 19, 1-7PM.  If you are willing to commit to praying for us during that time, please let me know so I can tell Council.  Knowing you are holding us in God's Light at some point during the day will be an encouragement.

We are:
Pastor:  Jenny Shultz-Thomas
Moderator:  Jane Smith
Past Moderator:  Frank Gailor
Moderator-Elect:  Grady McCallie
Clerk:  Megan Fackler-Bretz
Treasurer:  Lavon Page
Community Outreach Ministry Chair:  Maria Mayorga
Deacons Chair:  Joe Retzer
Property Chair:  Skip Stoddard
Religious Education Chair:  Suzette Roach
Social Justice Co-Chair:  Gary Smith
Welcoming and Fellowship Chair:  Susan Atkinson

Bill Lamb (Stewardship Chair) will be with us in spirit.

- submitted by Jane Smith, Moderator