Monday, October 9, 2017

How do I sign up for the new CUCC directory?

Breeze is our new, online directory.  You can find member contact information by signing in.  But first, you have to "create an account" - tell Breeze what username and password you want to use.  Having a password protected directory helps us keep your information secure.

"Create Account" screen in Breeze
How to create your account to get into Breeze

Click on this link to go directly to the "Create Account" page in Breeze.  Enter the name you want to use for signing in and your email address.

If your email address is already in our database, Breeze will send you an email that tells you how to create your own password.  You will use that username and password anytime you want to look someone up in Breeze.

If you are not in the database, an email will be sent to our Breeze administrator who will then enter your info and send you an invitation to create an account via email.

Correcting your information
Got your username and password?  Log into Breeze to look at your own information.  Most of the information you can correct yourself (address, phone number, email address),  but if you see anything that you can't correct that is wrong, contact Cathy Marshall.  You can also add a photo of yourself or your family.

An easy way to find Breeze in the future
"Bookmark" the Breeze Sign In page so you can easily find it the next time you want to look someone up in Breeze.

A letter from Pastor Jenny about Breeze

Dear CUCC Members and Friends,

     Your Staff and Welcoming & Fellowship members have been working hard to transition to a new, user-friendly database this summer and are thrilled to announce BREEZE.
     You are invited to create your own personal account on BREEZE, which will give you member access so that you can find your friends' and committee members' contact info. You will be asked to share basic contact information, as well as a photo (headshot) so others can see when searching for your profile. This will help us contact group and committee members and help us get to know new faces in our midst. FYI: Your information is secure, and will not be shared with the public as our site is password protected. Google knows more about you than we do!

Thank you for helping us stay connected!

Blessings, Jenny Shultz-Thomas 

Can't remember where you saw this information?  Look on our CUCC website Hot Topics section (top right) for Online directory sign up.  We'll keep that link in the Hot Topics throughout the fall.

Online directory sign up is in the Hot Topics section in the top right