Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Draft CUCC Constitution & ByLaws available for your review

Dear Community UCC Member,

Thanks so much for taking time to read this message. As mentioned at the last congregational meeting, since August, various combinations of us, including Ministry chairs and volunteers from the congregation, have been reviewing and recommending updates to Community UCC’s Constitution & Bylaws. They haven’t had an overhaul in a while, so the proposed changes include decluttering, text clarifications, and edits to reflect current CUCC practices that have changed since the last major review.

The link below will open a dropbox folder from which (if you like) you can download the proposed revisions, with explanatory comments in the margins. The plan is to bring these revisions, your feedback, and any final edits, to Council and then the congregation in January.

I’ll be grateful to receive feedback or questions about these drafts by Wednesday, December 20, at – that will give me time to make final edits before January.

The drafts are formatted in Word to make it easier to suggest specific edits if you’re so inclined, but general comments are welcome too. If it is easier to talk over thoughts and questions rather than writing them in an email, please feel free to call my cell phone, 919-802-7592.

Folder with Constitution and ByLaws drafts

With warm regards,
Grady McCallie
Committee on Constitution and ByLaws Review, Phase II