Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Six Spaces Left! Register for CUCC Lenten Retreat: Next Steps Toward Allyship

When: February 23, 6PM - February 24, 6PM
Where: Cedar Cross Retreat Center, Louisburg, NC
What: We are pleased to offer a Lenten overnight retreat to continue our conversations on allyship!

Join fellow CUCC adults for an overnight retreat of reflection and discernment. Next Steps Toward Allyship is a natural outgrowth from the Seven Steps to Becoming a Better Ally forum series, the Racial Justice Study Group, and the many efforts CUCC groups and individuals have been making to better understand and work for social justice. We will focus on prayerfully developing plans for action in solidarity, as individuals and as a congregation.

Who: All are welcome! We will have some brief reflections on allyship for those new to the idea, but this will not be a repeat of the fall series.

How: Registration SOON! Space is limited! ONLY SIX SPACES LEFT! Please register ASAP! Here is the link to more info and the Registration Form.

Any questions?: Feel free to contact Annaka Sikkink ( or Śānti Matthews (