Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Alert: "Better than Average" Auction Right Around the Corner!

SAVE THE DATE!  CUCC "Better than Average" Church Auction
Saturday, April 21, 2018, 6:30pm, Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Print donation form and turn into office

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From Paul Atkinson’s Stewardship Ministry Moment:

Let’s be honest, some fundraisers are just terrible. For instance, a few years ago I bought an off-road vehicle at a blind auction. Got it delivered. It was an inner-tube raft.

Rest assured, however, this year’s auction at CUCC will be the opposite of terrible. Better than your average auction, it will be a fun-filled night with friends. And everyone will go home a winner... at least in their own minds.

There will be drinks, hors d'oeuvres, laughter and games. We’ll even hold a heads or tails competition where the winner will take home a dinner-for-two gift certificate from a posh and swanky restaurant. There will be a slew of exciting silent auction items and insanely great live auction items. 

Could it be your chance to win a special gift certificate for your sweetheart? Or perhaps you’ll cash in on a special vacation package. Or maybe a yoga class. Or that much-needed babysitting service. And don’t forget… the luckiest of you will snag a bee hive demonstration from our very own Bill Lamb!

Also, because giving is far better than receiving, please know there are many ways each of us may contribute to this growing list of auction items. To encourage donations, we’re even going to host a friendly competition. It won’t be based on the cash value of what is donated. No... it’s much more sophisticated than that. When you donate an item to CUCC’s auction, you’ll also have the opportunity to submit one tongue-in-cheek auction item. 

What’s a tongue-in-cheek auction item, you ask? A tongue-in-cheek auction item is completely fabricated, and meant to be delivered as a joke at your own, or loved one’s, expense. Let me share a few examples from the Atkinson household. Our family offers the following tongue-in-cheek items:

·       Susan will teach you how to grow your very own mushroom garden in the refrigerator vegetable drawer! 
·        Mason will provide 3 minutes of lawn service before wandering off to listen to his iPod.
·       Cooper will give a workshop on how to make others think you are really listening.
·       Paul will give a workshop on how to deliberately not listen, and make no bones about it.
·       Our dog Petey will provide free sock and underwear shredding, with a volume limit of 3 cubic feet. He’ll need at least a week to get through that much.
·       Make sense? We’ll collect tongue-in-cheek auction items at the start of the event. During the live auction, we’ll read them and let the audience cast their votes. The winner will receive their very own ceremonial crown and be appointed the 2018 CUCC Auction King or Queen. 

Last, another way CUCC’s auction will be better than your average auction, is we will include people of ALL ages - both young adults AND those with a bit more seasoning. But wait, there’s more! Childcare WILL ALSO BE PROVIDED! Hooray! Now everyone can attend! 

So please do yourselves a favor, folks. Go ahead - pull out those cell phones and mark this very special date on your calendars. Saturday, April 21st at 6:30 PM. We hope to see you there. And with some luck, perhaps you’ll win the fantastic luxury item provided by one of our most generous, anonymous donors……….. A genuine inner tube raft.

You can donate auction items using the 2018 Auction Form found at the back of the sanctuary, you can print a form or you can fill out a form online. Either way, submit your auction item by the deadline, April 16th and be sure to come and bid on your favorite item.